Exclusive Interview with Xavier Giandominici, VP & General Manager at FIME America

This week we were able to talk with Xavier Giandominici, VP & General Manager at FIME America. FIME works with issuer banks and payment networks such as Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and VISA on consulting and testing solutions for chip-based payments security systems.

Recently, FIME released a new whitepaper covering the implantation of chips in the U.S. Using this opportunity, we asked Xavier to share his thoughts on what we can expect from FIME in the near future.

Q: FIME has been a pioneer in supporting EMV for many years, and you have been involved in the US operations since the beginning. How has this EMV affected your business? Do you think the industry is able to cope with it?

XG: FIME has been involved in the arena concerning EMV and payments globally since 1995. Specifically related to EMV implementation, we’ve been covering many projects in different parts of the world. This is something that is actually the bulk of our business, so we’ve done that from Asia, to the US and close neighbors, like Canada and Latin America. There is a lot going on there these days (LatAm). The U.S. migration is definitely a great opportunity for us to show and apply the expertise and lessons ...

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