Exploring FinTech Startups: Of, By & For Women


Last week in the office, we were having a conversation about FinTech startups these days, and it evolved into an impassioned discussion. What was the discussion about? To put it simply, women in FinTech. To get more specific, we started talking about FinTech startups founded by women that are engaged in some really interesting areas within the field.

It led us to a question that many had wanted to ask, but few amongst us had explored before: what is the importance of FinTech of, by and for women? Do startups by women (and that are focused on serving women) make a significant impact on the FinTech landscape and ecosystem?

We realized that FinTech is one of the few domains today that brings together two traditionally male-dominated fields – finance and technology. Delving a little deeper, we noticed that the sector had seen an increasing number of women making inroads into FinTech, innovating to create a bouquet of products and services that improve the lives of women and men alike

Globally speaking, things could be looking up – according to Liselotte Lyngsø, Founding Partner of Copenhagen-based consultancy Future Navigator, the representation of women in the workforce is set to...



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