Where’s Let’s Talk Payments?

We have used the MEDICI brand since 2015, and some of you might have also known us as Let’s Talk Payments since 2013. But regardless of the brand under which you’ve consumed our offerings, we’ve always been a single company with a single mission: to bring clarity and collaboration to the complex ecosystem of FinTech in order to enable FinTech-at-scale for global economic impact.

As the FinTech space has grown and evolved, so have we. And we wanted to make sure our brand reflects the broadening FinTech industry and our role within it. Bringing new payment technologies to market, which was our original focus when Let’s Talk Payments was conceived, is still an exciting part of FinTech, but it’s no longer the only area in which technology is rapidly changing the financial services industry. That’s why we retired our Let’s Talk Payments brand and consolidated our offerings under one name: MEDICI.

MEDICI moves us all forward together, offering a more streamlined, seamless set of offerings for every member of the FinTech ecosystem: individuals, startups and enterprises.

We continue to expand our portfolio under the MEDICI brand, with the newer offerings: MEDICI Studio and MEDICI Inner Circle.