Why are you consolidating your Let’s Talk Payments and MEDICI brands?

Some of you know us as Let’s Talk Payments and some of you know us as MEDICI. But regardless of the brand under which you’ve consumed our offerings, we’ve always been a single company with a single mission: to bring clarity and collaboration to the complex ecosystem of FinTech in order to enable FinTech-at-scale for global economic impact.

As the FinTech space has grown and evolved, so have we. And we want to make sure our brand reflects the broadening FinTech industry and our role within it. Bringing new payment technologies to market, which was our original focus when Let’s Talk Payments was conceived, is still an exciting part of FinTech, but it’s no longer the only area in which technology is rapidly changing the financial services industry. That’s why we are of retiring our Let’s Talk Payments brand and consolidating our offerings under one name: MEDICI.

MEDICI moves us all forward together, offering a more streamlined, seamless set of offerings for every member of the FinTech ecosystem: individuals, startups and enterprises.

What will be different after the brands consolidate?

Our commitment to serving every stakeholder in the FinTech ecosystem has not changed. You’ll still get the great products and services you’ve come to expect from us, but by consolidating our Let’s Talk Payments and MEDICI brands and products into a single, powerful entity, our whole will become greater than the sum of its parts. Our unique FinTech industry insights, data points, and connections will become an even more comprehensive portfolio of offerings that are better poised than ever to accelerate our clients’ company growth strategies through quick identification of target companies for commercial relationships, partnerships, investments or acquisitions.

Couple our enhanced impact with our proprietary SCALE methodology and you can be assured that your investment in our products and services will provide tangible results.

What can MEDICI do for you?

If you are a FinTech startup… MEDICI will provide more exposure than ever before! As you are likely well aware, it’s a challenge to stand out as a FinTech startup. There are tens of thousands of other startups confusing and competing against your company’s unique value proposition.

Adding your company’s profile to our MEDICI database of more than 10,000 (and growing) FinTech startups and filling out you’re Rocket Profile will help you thoughtfully establish your credentials, in context, against a backdrop of relevant market research, trends, and comparables in order to win the confidence of investors and partners. When you work with MEDICI, you are able to cut through the clutter, put your best foot forward, and get recognized for what you do.

If you are a financial institution…MEDICI will help you find the right technology to differentiate your company in the marketplace and impact millions.

FinTech is hitting financial institutions like a tsunami. As you look for growth among technology-driven innovations (as compared to traditional business-model-driven innovations), it’s imperative that you have a solid understanding of what these technologies mean for your institution’s growth strategies, internal employee base, and customers’ experiences.

Through our MEDICI membership, we’ll help you develop partnerships with market-ready FinTech startups whose technologies and mindsets match your company’s short- and long-term innovation goals. We cut through the noise of a crowded FinTech space so that you can find your institution’s next innovation and bring it to the world at scale.

A MEDICI membership comes with access to more than 10,000 FinTech company profiles, exclusive FinTech insights and research, an API to drive business decisions through the real-time data held in our MEDICI Pro database, benchmarking tools, and more!

If you are a FinTech investor, enthusiast, analyst, or thought leader… MEDICI helps you identify the next big thing in FinTech, before anyone else does.

There is a hotbed of competition today among investors to get in on the ground floor of an impactful new technology. But it’s not always easy for investors to know what that looks like.

MEDICI provides indicators for the directions various FinTech segments are headed. We make it our business to be aware of every new innovation, whether it’s in your backyard or halfway across the globe so that you can make investment decisions with more confidence—and expedition.

What does enabling FinTech-at-Scale mean?

Innovation cannot be impactful if it is not at scale. A few people using Apple Pay or Google Wallet do not make change. But billions of people, adopting thousands of such new products, supported by thousands of startups collaborating with hundreds of large enterprises… that’s what results in real global economic impact. And we believe that FinTech has the potential to create this impact.

FinTech is an enabling industry because it affects the movement of money. Just as the railroad industry transformed how businesses across a wide swath of other industries transported their goods back in the 19th century, FinTech’s impact today also ripples out far and wide. Dairy farmers in India, grocery stores in Italy, and countless other industries around the world move money better, faster, and cheaper because of FinTech.

FinTech-at-Scale happens when we collaborate. MEDICI is committed to fostering this collaboration and, therefore, each and every one of our clients becomes a part of our mission.

What is the SCALE methodology?

We understand the importance of innovating and impacting at scale. Our proprietary SCALE methodology takes an expansive world view of FinTech and solves for individual enterprise objectives, one client at a time.

Every step of SCALE is designed to efficiently marry the centuries-old organizational knowledge held by large financial institutions with the technology-enabled experiences startups are creating for demanding customers. It solves for rapid learning from the financial services ecosystem, precise application of that learning to an organization’s needs, and reaching back out to the ecosystem to inspire a cycle of sustainable, collaborative innovation.

Read more about our SCALE methodology.

Will Let’s Talk Payments go away?

As a brand and unique URL, yes, Let’s Talk Payments will go away.

But the essence of the Let’s Talk Payments content hub will continue to exist in its entirety, under the newly consolidated MEDICI brand (and website). And, in fact, it will be stronger than ever.

For five years and counting, it’s been the center of gravity for the FinTech community, providing insightful research, content, and thought leadership that continues to shape FinTech today. By moving it under the MEDICI umbrella, we better represent its content, which has long supported the entire FinTech ecosystem, not just emerging payment technology.

Will MEDICI still have a content platform?

Yes. The valuable insights you’ve come to expect from the Let’s Talk Payments content platform will continue to exist, but they will be folded into the MEDICI brand and website.