Faster EMV Transactions: J/Speedy v1.3 Contactless EMV Acceptance for JCB Cardholders to Be Enabled by VeriFone First

Global rollout begins with Verifone Asia Pacific clients

San Jose, Calif.(Press Release) – Verifone announced approval from JCB Co., Ltd. to support J/Speedy v1.3 —making Verifone’s merchant clients the first to be able to accept this latest version of the contactless EMV payment program used by JCB cardholders.

We are very pleased that Verifone is the first to globally support the latest version of J/Speedy for its merchants, said Tac Watanabe, EVP of Brand Infrastructure and Technologies for JCB. Currently, over 89 million consumers use the JCB card, which is accepted by more than 28 million merchants in 190 countries and territories. This certification benefits Verifone clients worldwide that are eager to accept contactless payments from our cardholders.


Verifone has been a leader in the world’s migration to the EMV standard and solving payments challenges for merchants, said Steve Aliferis, president of Asia Pacific for Verifone. Certification from JCB helps us continue this leadership by enabling our merchants to be the first to accept the latest version of this convenient form of contactless EMV—furthering their ability to reduce checkout times and improve the customer experience.

J/Speedy provides a simple, fast, and convenient way for consumers to pay, particularly in environments where throughput speed is critical, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and fast food restaurants. The program enables consumers to pay by simply tapping their card or mobile phone on a certified terminal or J/Speedy reader.


Verifone is making its newly certified payment application software globally available, and merchants in China, Taiwan, Thailand and other markets in the Asia Pacific region will be the first to have the ability to update their Verifone terminals to accept J/Speedy contactless payments from consumers. Interested merchants can contact their acquirers or terminal providers to learn more about how they can receive Verifone’s J/Speedy software update.

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