FE Xcelerate Inaugural Cohort Graduates: Penetration of Global FinTech Players in Vietnam

FE CREDIT conducted the Demo Day of its inaugural cohort FE Xcelerate on March 26, 2020, to present 10 startups that have graduated the accelerator program. FE Xceleratewas launched in October 2019, in partnership with MEDICI. Like all the global events, this program was also upended by the current threat of COVID-19, as a result of which the stakeholders decided to conduct a virtual event for the startup pitches.

The demo day was held after three months of an intensive accelerator program, which encompassed a total of 14 proof-of-concept engagements between 10 startups and various business units. These startups facilitated innovative use cases and product demonstrations by these startups, thereby providing a platform for these global players to actualize their aspiration for penetrating the Vietnam market. The finalists presented a working demo of their solutions to a panel that consisted of over 24 judges, including FE CREDIT,  MEDICI Senior Management, and industry experts.

FE CREDIT, Vietnam’s largest consumer finance player with a customer base of over 10 million, has been a pioneer of several key technology innovations since its inception in 2015. It continues to be at the forefront of technology innovation and endeavors to continue its focus on delivering world-class services to its retail clients through best-in-class technology and collaborative support from various parts of the FinTech ecosystem. On October 24, 2019, FE CREDIT launched FE Xcelerate – a 12-week program run in close collaboration with MEDICI as the Strategic Partner. With this launch, FE CREDIT rolled out the various problem statements and areas of opportunities that it was keen to explore via this program and invited the global FinTech community to develop new ideas and technology solutions to any of these problems. The problem statements covered the following topics:

  1. Omnichannel digital customer service
  2. Hyper-personalized communication strategy with segmented, personalized & contextual marketing
  3. Integrated data management and analytics platform to achieve a 360-degree customer view
  4. Alternative credit score
  5. Corporate employee engagement
  6. Enhancing sales and distribution productivity
  7. Bridging mobile app to other industry ecosystems

FE Xcelerate received over 170 submissions globally, with more than 70% of them coming from the Asia-Pacific region. A total of 23 finalists were shortlisted based on the relevance of their solutions to the problem statements, business potential, innovation, and ability to execute the solutions for the pitch day. Of these 21 startups, the above 10 startups were selected for a 12-week POC program that concluded with a demo day on March 26, 2020.

The 10 startups that presented in the demo day are as follows (in no order of merit):

  1. BankBuddy: BankBuddy offers omnichannel digital conversational solutions for financial institutions. It enables the banks to provide customer experience for personal banking by NLP chatbots, AI product & content recommendations, alerts & notifications, conversational AI transactions, and employee assist bots.
  2. AdviceGames: AdviceGames offers a gamified machine learning platform to the lending sector for active risk management. It helps consumers to reduce their financial stress by offering profile-based gamified support and advice on financial matters. The services help banks and insurance companies to increase their profitability by reducing their risks and costs.
  3. Artivatic: Artivatic is an artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology company that provides solutions for insurance, healthcare, and banking businesses. Their products are diverse and include claims, underwriting, fraud prediction, risk profiling, decision & customer intelligence, documents & KYC automation, analyses of behavior, disease prediction, etc.
  4. Hyreo: Hyreo is a cloud-based platform that uses NLP & ML technologies to provide end-to-end recruitment management solutions for HR agencies and companies. The platform combines a back-end ERP solution with a candidate engagement chatbot system. The company claims that it improves the candidate hiring cycle process by over 50% using the automated system.
  5. CustomerLabs: CustomerLabs is a customer data management and digital marketing analytics software that uses machine learning models to collect customer data and generate actionable insights that help marketing teams and enterprises to make the right business decisions.
  6. FirstHive: FirstHive is an intelligent customer data platform (CDP) that helps enterprises experience up to 6X increase in marketing ROI. It is the world’s first CDP to leverage machine learning to build unified customer identities. FirstHive is a privacy-by-design product and drives actionable campaigns targeting recommendations that contribute to a significant increase in marketing ROI.
  7. Lucep: Lucep provides omnichannel customer management solutions for industries like insurance companies, banks, automotive manufacturers & dealers, government agencies, healthcare providers, hospitality industry leaders, etc. Lucep offers a sales enablement platform to connect leads from the digital channels directly to the sales team in under 60 seconds.
  8. GeoSpoc: GeoSpoc is a geo-analytics company that delivers niche location-based solutions, services, and products to verticals such as BFSI, Retail, Precision Agriculture, and Consumer Goods/FMCG. The company provides consulting, implementation, customization, application development support, and integration with existing business systems across multiple platforms.
  9. Finbox: FinBox is a B2B credit risk management platform with proprietary data connectors that assists in lending to self-employed merchants, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), and new-to-credit customers. The company offers data connector APIs – DeviceConnect and BankConnect – to bring an alternative source of data to the client’s platform, enabling automated credit decisions.
  10. Rockmetric: Rockmetric is a cognitive data analysis platform that automates analysis and insights with a Google-like 'natural language search' interface. It automatically understands user queries, analyzes data, and delivers beautiful charts, descriptive insights, and complex analysis instantly. It provides customer data profiles sourced from the web & mobile analytics, email, SMS, voice, live chat, CRM, POS, etc., and other tools used by businesses to increase conversions, cross-sell products, and personalized support.

In conclusion, it was an insightful and enriching experience for the MEDICI Team to work with FE CREDIT’s entire ecosystem. We are honored to have played a part in what we think is now the new precedent for how bank/FI-run accelerators should be designed and implemented. We fundamentally believe FinTechs can help drive and sustain meaningful value with such partnerships. And the FE Xcelerate story is just beginning!


Being a pioneer in the consumer finance sector, FE CREDIT has established a solid foundation to become a leader in the consumer finance market. FE CREDIT is currently offering personal loan services with products such as cash loans, motorbike loans, household electronic appliances loans, and credit cards. Up to date, FE CREDIT has served more than 10 million customers and cooperated with more than 9,000 partners at over 13,000 nationwide sales points. 

FE CREDIT has also been awarded prestigious domestic and international awards such as ‘Best Consumer Finance Company Vietnam 2019’ & ‘Best Consumer Finance Company for Customer Experience Asia 2019’ awarded by the Global Banking & Finance Review, ‘CEO Of The Year’ & ‘Best Customer Experience Management of The Year’ granted by Asia-Pacific Customer Service Consortium, ‘Top 10 Asia’s Most Trusted Brands’ at the Asia International Economic Forum 2019, and ‘Asia's Most Innovative Consumer Finance Brand 2018’ by the Global Brands Magazine.


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