Female Leaders in Singapore from the Tech Startup Community

With close to 400 FinTech and InsurTech startups in Singapore, the country has become a brew pot for innovation. Spearheading this wave of innovation are some very inspirational women. In this article from Let’s Talk Payments, we showcase some of Singapore’s female leaders who are leading some of the promising tech startups or are helping in promoting the ecosystem. This list was curated by Let’s Talk Payments, Varun Mittal, and inputs from the local ecosystem.

Note: Please do suggest or recommend female entrepreneurs you think should be included in the future.

Adelina Peltea

Company: Argomi

Focus Area: Capital Markets/Investments Platform

Designation/Role at Company: COO

About Argomi: Argomi is a brand of AMaaS. It offers an integrated investment management platform for institutional asset and fund managers. It provides asset management solutions like listing, searching and aggregating positions by different categories like book/trader/asset class or fund, automatically calculating positions in the market and notification about upcoming investment activities. It also enables clients to record and reconcile their trades by automating various processes like monitoring for exceptions, audit trails and backups. It offers a multi-asset platform comprising of equities, FX and futures, across countries like Japan, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, etc.

Adrianna Tan

Company: Wobe

Focus Area: Payments/Remittance

Designation/Role at Company: Founder & CEO

About Wobe: Wobe is a mobile application that enables people to start a small business with the help of their Android smartphone. Users can start their own business by selling prepaid phone credit and other digital products like electricity and water vouchers on a later stage. Wobe enables millions of unbanked Southeast Asians to perform micro-payments with the help of an e-wallet on their smartphones. The users are able to generate income by processing person-person bills and utilities through this application.

Ai Meun Lim

Company: Percipient

Focus Area: Big Data & Analytics

Designation/Role at Company: Chief Product Officer

About Percipient: Percipient is a data technology and analytics company which enables organizations to drive scalable, efficient and cost-effective growth in data by using its Big Data technology and advanced analytics platform. Its flagship product, UniConnect, is built to hyper-accelerate connectivity between data sources that currently don’t talk to each other or cost too much to integrate. Percipients other solutions include SparkPlus, ScalETF, and Unified APIs.

Alice Chen

Company: InvestaCrowd

Focus Area: Online Funding ...


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