Which Financial Research & Insight Firms Would You Work With?

Financial research firms provide information services that enable investors to make better investment decisions — including news, research, and data sources. But the noteworthy aspect here is their approach to enabling these services. Next generation financial research companies are implementing innovative strategies to change the way financial information services work. Some of the different strategies include data visualization, data analytics, providing extensive tools & APIs for integration, etc.

Here are some financial research firms that stand out:


Coseer uses AI/ NLP (artificial intelligence / natural language processing) based technology to automate routine and repetitive decision making in enterprises. Coseer synthesizes all the qualitative and quantitative data necessary for a routine decision into a single view, extensively monitors information flow, and automatically notifies decision makers about significant changes. The company offers a set of software tools that act as ingesters of enterprise information repositories and aggregators of public information sources including the Internet and social media. Coseer’s set of advanced cognitive tools works with unstructured information to complete meaningful tasks that otherwise would have been resource intensive.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a platform for investment research, with a broad coverage of stocks, asset classes, ETFs and investment strategies. In contrast to other equity research platforms, insight is provided by investors and industry experts rather than sell-side analysts. The company manages an extensive network of feeds that bring in more ideas to investors. The content in the feed network covers in-depth financial analyses and transcripts as well.


SPEEDA is an information platform (SaaS type database) that comprehensively and systematically organizes all the information necessary for fundamental company and industry analysis. SPEEDA makes it possible to perform company and industry research at an unprecedented speed on one of the world’s largest databases. SPEEDA not only provides financial and statistical data, but also in-depth analyses prepared by their own analysts using such information – covering approximately 520 industries. Speeda’s Pitch Express software also provides data visualization capabilities.


StockTwits is using the social media platform to drive financial insights. The company runs a real-time micro-blogging service which some would call the Twitter of finance. The company maintains a repository of real-time sentiment data from financial experts. StockTwits also offers an API which can be used by financial startups.


Stocktagon’s primary offer is an equity market research tool with high data visualization capabilities. The data which is processed by the company’s tool includes those of SEC filings and other such similar data banks. Stocktagon’s tool combines this data with advanced search indexing, natural language processing, company details, stock price data, and dozens of advanced algorithms to bring a smart, advanced research tool that crunches through the entire market.


The company operates a financial advisor matching platform called Zuu Advisors. They provide a range of web services including Zuu Advisors Support, a website of marketing tips for brokers and salespersons of wealth management products. Another is the wealth management-focused portal Zuu Online. Zuu provides a matchmaking platform that connects consumers who want to buy financial services via indirect sales channels, and providers like financial planners giving advice or selling these products.