FinDEVr 2016: What's Hot in FinTech?

On October 18–19th, the LTP Team had the pleasure attending one of the most important events in the world of finances and beyond – FinDEVr 2016 in Silicon Valley. A powerful blend of some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies and bright entrepreneurs from around the world made the conference an exceptional pleasure to attend as the audience can gather insights on the latest advancements in the financial services industry.

With dual-track presentations starting at 10 AM, the event had quite a packed schedule with short intermissions for attendants to network, watch demos and pitch to potential partners, clients or investors, etc. Similar to the previous year’s conference, the hallmark of FinDEVr 2016 has been its orientation towards the tech audience — developers, CTOs, people who build things, etc. In that regard, FinDEVr offers a unique experience as it brings people that usually stay at the back office emphasized the stage.

Even though the hallmark of the event as developer-oriented has been preserved, in comparison to FinDEVr 2015, this years’ conference can be characterized by a shift in company profiles. In 2016, substantial attention has been paid to RegTech (KYC), data analytics, AI/machine learning, digital identity/authentication/security, APIs, open-source innovation and, of course, blockchain. FinDEVr 2015 has been more about payments, alternative lending, cryptocurrency and banking technology among other things. Some of the companies the LTP Team has met previous year have been ...

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