Let’s Talk Payments at FinDEVr 2015: Day Two Highlights

Let’s Talk Payments is where the new global FinTech is. And yet again, we followed it at FinDEVr 2015 on day two in San Francisco today. As we already summarized day one of the event, you now have an idea about what FinDEVr is. In one sentence, it is the best place for FinTech developers to be at and a great place for companies to promote their FinTech APIs. We not only summarized day one for our viewers but also put together the highlights of the presentations and our one-to-one conversations with presenting companies’ CTOs and software developers.

Day two of FinDEVr had a similar format as day one. There were dual-track presentations going on in two auditoriums in the same venue by different startups, mid-sized companies and banks ...

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