The FinLab: Propelling Your FinTech Startup From Singapore Into the Global Market – Applications Now Open!

Mankind’s first spaceport, the Baikonur Cosmodrome, was founded by the Soviets in 1955. Its location in Kazakhstan was chosen for its low latitude, sparse population density, railroad access, and proximity to water supplies, all factors needed to launch an unwieldy rocket into space. Still in use today, Baikonur is a testament to how success often hinges on starting with the right place.

In many ways, aspiring FinTech startups face a similar problem. Finding the right country to launch one’s brainchild can mean the difference between it becoming a star and a firework. We share the merits of Singapore as a launch pad for FinTech startups and discuss how The FinLab can be the accelerator for your startup in Singapore.

Centers of gravity

For a budding FinTech, one of the first considerations should be the country of launch and base, such as global financial centers. Mature financial industries normally seek out cutting-edge solutions to achieve productivity growth. Also, their larger flows provide more opportu ...

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