Finnish Telco Elisa Offers Preloaded NFC Based Payment Stickers

Elisa, a Finnish Telecommunications company, recently announced its collaboration with R-Kioski – a convenience store chain – in order to sell pre loaded NFC payment stickers. Users can purchase the rechargeable stickers and attach them to their handsets. The stickers are enabled with MasterCard’s PayPass technology which is widely accepted at numerous retail outlets.

The stickers cost €20 but include the same amount pre-loaded so effectively the sticker is free, Elisa’s Henri Korpi, told MobileWorldLive. Contactless payments are now possible in R-kioski stores, adding to three other national retailers where such transactions are possible. These are Lidl, Siwa and Valintatalo, he added.

  • Elisa’s mobile wallet - Elisa Lompakko - can be utilizedd for making purchases up to €25. This can be done without using a PIN or signing for a purchase.
  • Payments are made just by placing the payment sticker close to a POS terminal.
  • Users are required to possess a local mobile number, a Finnish social security number and be at least 15 years of age - to buy a sticker.

The stickers work with the handset of any local operator, not just Elisa says MobileWorldLive - and the service is activated by sending an SMS. A number of restaurant chains have already signed up, as well as hundreds of independent retailers and restaurants.