FinTech Buyers Club: Who Invests in FinTech Startups?

As one may have noticed, the FinTech fever is spreading around the world at an outstanding pace. Tech companies, banks and players that are not even related sometimes are catching the rush to get involved with the most promising startups in fear of becoming irrelevant. One of the biggest and most powerful banks in the US, Bank of America, is raising the stakes. The bank recently shared that it has $3 billion to pour into FinTech startups.

Another mammoth from a different industry, Microsoft, is silently but actively exploring the FinTech world through a wide range of initiatives.

Different organizations have their own ways of dealing with FinTech. One of them is acquisition. PayPal, one of the early players in the payments space, is keeping up with the growing number of FinTech startups via

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