The FinTech Chemist: FinTech Grows Up at FinovateFall

Studying the properties and composition that make up the FinTech ecosystem

Welcome to this week’s industry analysis with the FinTech Chemist. While I may not be literally mixing solutions and preparing reagents, I am studying and testing out the latest and greatest in FinTech. This week, MEDICI descended upon FinovateFall in the Big Apple: and mixing FinTech and New York City makes for a unique concoction. So, what did we discover at this event?

After speaking with, and watching several demoing companies, one theme was very clear: FinTech is growing up. AI, security, savings, payment systems, and wealth management were hot topics again this year, but all these categories have drastically evolved. Greg Palmer, Vice President of Finovate, stated, “I like to group these into a broader category of FinTech, though, w ...

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