FinTech Companies Received $7 B in Jan 2016 in Financing

December 2015 was extraordinarily fruitful for FinTech as it fueled the industry with an extra billion dollars. As the first month of 2016 comes to an end, let’s look at how 2016 has treated FinTech around the world so far.

According to Financial Technology Partners, an investment bank focused on FinTech, the first month of 2016 counted 112 deals in FinTech financing with a mind-blowing $7 billion in total. Think of the number in comparison to the last month of 2015 - $7 billion around the world were invested in FinTech startups not counting mergers and acquisitions.

Let’s take a closer look at the structure of this $7 billion.

Investments by sector

Data source: FT Partners

Banking/Lending (31%) and Payments/Loyalty/Ecommerce (27%) are the most active sectors in terms of the number of companies that raised funds. We have noticed before that those two FinTech sectors are the most attractive ones for investors, as the highest number of unicorn ...

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