FinTech Companies Firing Up The Mobile Payments Market

The FinTech industry in recent years not only attracted attention from traditional financial institutions and disrupted certain sectors, but also made a significant transformation in consumers’ minds. Our expectations went so far beyond of what was really available and all of it was because FinTech ‘spoiled’ the customer.

One wouldn’t imagine not having an option to make a mobile payment as there are tons of options to choose from (which makes it even harder). In fact, in 2016 total mobile payment transactions are expected to reach $27.05 billion, with users spending an average of $721.47 annually. Total mobile payment sales will rise faster than average spending per user in 2016 because of the growth in the number of overall users of the technology.

Almost every other month a tech giant introduces its mobile wallet or other integrated payment solutions for merchants across platforms and devices. To understand how dense the market is, here are some of the companies offering integrated solutions for payments, in particular, mobile payments. So if you are looking for a seamless experience (whether as a business or individual) with mobile-sh ...

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