FinTech Companies Scored Almost a Billion in Financing in March 2016

January and February 2016 were quite fruitful for FinTech as in the first month of the year, the industry attracted an extra $7 billion and the second month brought almost $1.5 billion. As the month of March comes to an end, let’s look at how it has treated FinTech around the world so far.

According to Financial Technology Partners (an investment bank focused on FinTech), March 2016 counted 109 financing deals in FinTech with a total of $887.7 million being poured into FinTech companies across segments. March has indicated a downshift in FinTech funding overall as it counts a lower number of financing deals than both the previous months.

Let’s take a closer look at the structure of almost a billion raised by 89 companies (as 20 deals have an unreported amount of the funds raised). The funding would have most likely reached a billion if all the companies would have reported their financing amount.

Investments by segment

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