FinTech Funding Analysis from the Last Six Months Reveals Some Interesting Trends

At MEDICI, we track 12,000 FinTech startups and also keep tabs on funding as well as other information on an ongoing basis. Through bottom-up research, we come up with an analysis of FinTech funding on a monthly basis. This tedious exercise reveals interesting trends from an investment perspective. Here are the FinTech funding trends from the last six months:


In May 2018, FinTech startups across the globe raised $1.75 billion worth of VC investments across 113 deals. In terms of MoM growth, in May 2018, global FinTech funding witnessed a decline of 19.8% from the $2.18 billion raised in April 2018. The US continued to dominate the funding charts with $1.06 billion raised across 51 deals, contributing to 60% of the global FinTech funding (by value) in May. India came a distant second with a 14% ($249.8 million raised across 20 deals) contribution. China, the UK, a ...

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