FinTech Lending: A Trojan Horse for Small Businesses?

Lending business has steadily been one of the most lucrative in FinTech for almost every party involved - virtuous investors and talented teams alike. In fact, lending is one of the two most funded and represented segments in the FinTech industry, which counts close to 8K startups globally. With an estimated $29.1 billion in online loans originated in the US market by alternative lenders in 2015 alone, marketplace lending has emerged as one of the fastest-growing areas of the credit universe.

Undoubtedly, lending startups serving the small business community deserve the credit they get: they introduced new business models, expanded into unique financial products, reached unprecedented speeds of approval and funding, took underwriting automation to the next level, expanded financial access to more borrowers, and redefined security with technology-focused lending solutions.

Small business owners are experts at what they do but don’t have the time to be financial experts. FinTech is helping SMBs become better-qualified. Financial institutions can get better applicants and make more accurate and faster decisions, reducing underwriting costs. Platforms that are attached to real-time,

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