The FinTech Unicorn Club Keeps on Expanding


The global FinTech industry continues to expand through a collaborative approach led by investments, acquisitions, buyouts, and partnerships. While there are hundreds of new startups being founded every week, several FinTech startups have gone on to reach the 1-billion-dollar valuation mark over the past few years. This not only highlights the confidence investors have in the innovation led by these startups, but this also showcases the consolidation of a new industry.

As per MEDICI’s analysis, more than 50 FinTechs are now unicorns as of this date. While a major chunk of these unicorns comes from the lending segment which has contributed 24.1% to this unicorn club, segments such as cybersecurity, InsurTech, Neobank, B2B FinTech, etc., are also major contributors to the FinTech unicorn club.

The past couple of years has seen a greatly enhanced activity in the space of FinTech VC funding, as a result of which more than half of the FinTech unicorns today reached the 1-billion-dollar mark in the past two years. The year 2018 so far has seen more than 17 FinTech unicorns so far. Some of the major ones include – Revolut, Atom Bank, PolicyBazaar, Monzo, TradeShift, Tiger Brokers, Root Insurance, etc.

analyzing-50 -strong-finTech-Unicorn-Club-25a62c.png

The two major FinTech hubs – the US and China – contribute more than 82% to the FinTech unicorn club. The US leads the club with more than 48% contribution to the FinTech unicorn club in terms of the number of unicorns. China comes a close second with more than 34% in contributions.

Diwakar Mandal


Diwakar is a FinTech enthusiast and an avid researcher who spends his time learning and writing about market trends, traction and disruptions in the industry. He has been active in the financial services consulting space for over four years.