Week in Review: Adoption and Adaptation

Change is hard. This is not a grand revelation to anyone reading this right now. (Keep reading. I promise, it gets better). Change is so hard, in fact, that there are multi-billion-dollar companies whose sole purpose is to help other companies discover, adapt, and adopt new ways of doing business. Change is necessary, particularly in financial services, and if you believe in FinTech, then – by definition – you believe in change. But that’s just the start. What do you change? What do you keep? When do you make the change? How do you know if the change is working or is even a good idea? The future is, by its very nature, unknown. That’s what makes change so hard. This week, we look at a few examples: calls for change, benefits to adopting change, and how some ideas shouldn’t change but adapt.

Bank Customers Still Value Human Touch


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