Week in Review: Boiling Frogs

I have a confession: I wasn’t planning on taking a summer break from writing the FinTech Week in Review but the constant heat has a way of forcing you be a little lazy. It’s the slow, habituation to the heat which makes you forget that cool, activity-filled days are ahead of you. We’re boiling frogs - at least for a couple weeks.

Recently, FinTech feels a bit like the boiling water -- technology’s constant, unrelenting pressure, slowly making our entire industry feel lethargic. We forget what life was like before FinTech and that there will be life after FinTech - at least this era of FinTech. It’s in times like this you should talk with industry disruptors and veterans alike. It’s valuable perspective! This week’s review focuses on ideas that remind us that one day FinTech will just be the new normal and age-old industry issues will continue to persist.

N26 now has 500,000 customers for its bank of the future

"It ...

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