Week in Review: Tomorrow Comes Today

If you’ve ever used any VOIP service, like Skype, you’ve inevitably had calls where one (or more) of the participant’s voices is digitized, choppy, and leaves you longing for a good, old-fashioned, analog phone call. This happened a few days ago and one of my colleagues remarked, Sometimes it feels like we’re living in a parallel universe. We’re talking about machine learning, blockchain, and automation but we still have issues with a simple phone call. (No offense, Skype – I know it’s not easy!) The balancing act for FinTech to solve today’s problems while keeping an eye on tomorrow is an ongoing struggle for the industry. I’ll challenge you this Sunday to reflect on what’s the best balance for you and your business; meanwhile, I’m off to write a check for a bill I have to pay.

Goldman Set Out to Automate IPOs and It Has Come Far, Really Fast


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