FinTechs That Got Sold Before FinTech Was Called 'FinTech'

Do you know which company Google acquired back in 2012 when it was struggling with its Google Wallet offering? Or the name of the platform provider for mobile financial services that was acquired by Visa in 2010, when FinTech was not yet mainstream? If you do, there are still many to whom these companies would be unfamiliar.

The number of technology firms targeting financial services increased after the global financial crisis of 2008, but the classifying term FinTech and the wave of innovative products it brought in its wake were not widely noticed until 2013. Moreover, it wasn’t until 2018 – just a year ago – that FinTech as a term was included in the Oxford English Dictionary. However, FinTech, as a practice, has been around for a while, and startups engaged in innovation before the term got popular were noticed by larger companies as M&A prospects. Here is a list of 19 such FinTech companies that got acquired before FinTech became a buzzword:

  1. eCD Market is a US-based company founded in 2009. It is an online marketplace that connects cash investors and banks. Through eCD Market’s platform, treasury professionals can monitor outstanding CD orders and track & report on all their CD holdings. It was acquired by StoneCastle Cash Management, a leading provider of cash management products for institutional investors and funding solutions for community and regional banks. The acquisition was aimed to provide StoneCastle’s treasury and bank cli ...

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