FinTechStage in Partnership With LTP Invites Innovators to the Most Relevant, Hyper-Connected, and Tech-Savvy FinTech Event in Milan

The LTP Team is proud to announce a partnership with the FinTechStage, the most relevant, hyper-connected, entertaining, tech-savvy and inspiring FinTech event, which will take place in Milan on May 4–5, 2017. FinTechStage is a conference with an unconventional format that brings together a unique network of innovators obsessed with driving entrepreneurship and investment in FinTech.

FinTechStage Helps the Building of FinTech Tribes

Born in 2015, the conference aims to connect three communities: FinTech startups, investors, and financial institutions. and to deliver content and networking specifically designed to their needs. FinTechStage brings together an outstanding international network of speakers combined with an incredible depth of the dialogue, engaging financial institutions, startups, venture capitalists and technology partners.

Series of FinTechStage events have been gathering an amazing audience in the past. In 2016, across six events – in Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Chicago, Cannes, and two events in Milan – FinTechStage brought together 20K+ participants, 50 speakers, and 75 panelists combined.

Source: FinTechStage, 2016

Aditya Khurjekar, CEO of LTP, had the pleasure to speak at FinTechStage Inclusion Forum in Jakarta on March 23, 2017, where he shared insights on the multilateral approach to defining inclusion and how technology bootstraps opportunities for individuals, businesses, and communities around the world.

Image: Aditya Khurjekar delivering and Power Talk at FinTechStage Inclusion Forum in Jakarta, March 2017

FinTechStage has managed to bring together an interesting set of industry experts, investors, entrepreneurs, and other agents to talk about the future of banking in an intimate format, one of the best FinTech-specific I've taken part of, said Gustavo Vinacua, an Innovation Center Director at BBVA.

Image: The founders of the FinTechStage – Matteo Rizzi and Lazaro Campos on the stage of FinTechStage 2016, Milan

FinTechStage 2017 – sponsored by CheBanca!, and organized in partnership with LTP, TAG, and Connected Insurance Observatory – promises to overshadow the results of FinTechStage events in years prior. The two-day event’s agenda is rich on engaging discussion topics, notable keynote speakers, including a panel discussion on tech trends with Nicolo Petrone, Global Venture Development, MEDICI. Renowned industry experts will be speaking about blockchain technology, InsurTech, financial inclusion, and commerce among other topics.

Source: FinTechStage 2016, Milan

Being a melting pot for all the international FinTech players, FinTechStage provides a chance to meet the top influencers and big companies in the field, to foster innovation, networking and collaboration among them. Recognizing the role of startups as the key players in the FinTech revolution, FinTechStage offers them the chance to network with the top FinTech players and potential investors.

Some of the services FinTechStage offers to startups include:

  • A customized booth with startup logo at the event venue
  • Startup logo on our website and online communication
  • Tickets for the event
  • Access to exclusive VIP dinner with top FinTech influencers
  • Mentions in PR campaigns and media contents

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