First Banking app on Google Glass by Banco Sabadell from Spain

Spain has taken a leap this time by developing first ever Banking App on Google Glass, yes surprisingly it is not US this time. Banco Sabedell bank based in Spain allows Google Glass users to locate nearest ATM, check accounts, & supports 24/7 video conferencing. They are working on advanced features to use Google Glass for Check deposit.

We will we use our eyes to authenticate people and send money via Google Glass ? Can P2P applications be designed on Google Glass ? Or paying on a vending machine by Google Glass ?

Bank Innovation quoted Xavier Marin, Digital Services Strategy at Banco Sabadell, More related to the experience with this first app for a wearable device, we visualize that it will be important how these devices will change how we use services, for example giving access to customer support by a more natural (using just voice) and convenient way. Imagine customer support, seeing the same screen as your customer without any additional software). It also will enable something like talking to machines. It begins to seem possible to say to an ATM, wearing a Google Glass, ‘Please, Give me money.’ (If I had a dollar for every time I heard that last line from my kids, I’d be much closer to retirement.)

Navarro said, Google Glass is perhaps a prime exponent of the new evolution the internet is about to experience, The mobile internet’s natural evolution will be living services. Users will want to be able to interact with firms through many different devices and as quickly and intuitively as possible. And we’ve already started to adapt ourselves to this scenario.

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