FIS Payments platform making Significant Inroads in Emerging Economies

FIS supports some of the biggest and most progressive banks throughout Europe and the Middle East and processes more than 100 million cards globally. In recent years, the bank has made a foray into emerging markets, especially the Asia Pacific region, gaining new partners. Here are some cases of collaborations with banks that show FIS’s significant inroads in such markets:

Bharatiya Mahila Bank

Bharatiya Mahila is the first woman-focused public-sector bank in India. FIS collaborated with the bank in November 2013 to establish the bank’s technology foundation. FIS provided the bank with core banking, e-banking and ATM servicing and processing. FIS also aided in deploying and managing the branch technology infrastructure to bring financial services to a wider customer base. FIS provided the bank with a fully integrated banking and payments platform, including channels, trade finance and a suite of payment services, such as switching, debit-card management and ATM management. FIS also set up data centers for the bank and manages them.

Women are the most underutilized eco ...

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