Five Companies moving ahead in Digital Couponing

According to a research report, there are around 560 Mn mobile coupon users and the number is expected to rise to 1.05 Bn by 2019. In U.S. alone, the number of digital coupon users had surpassed 103.5 Mn back in 2013. In U.S., 49% of smartphone users and 10% of tablet users have used mobile coupons.

It is important to note that Coupon discovery, delivery and redemption is undergoing significant change. For e.g., Direct-to-card coupon redemption method allows for adding coupons to the loyalty card of the retailer directly. Once you shop for the items (and added coupons for them earlier) they will automatically be honored at the POS when you swipe the loyalty card of the retailers. These are exciting times for shoppers and retailers with cloud, mobility, analytics and technology providing a better experience.

Some prominent companies in the field of coupon provision are as follows:


Thinaire, the leader in proximity marketing solutions, recently introduced its ActiveShopper digital-coupon-solution that lets brands and retailers deliver incentives to shoppers when and where they’re most receptive.

Thinaire has integrated loyalty rewards and coupon delivery into its cloud-based mobile engagement platform. This satisfies the number one goal of marketers – to interact with consumers while in-store and deliver value to drive purchase. Working with coupon aggregators, Thinaire offers digital retailer-branded coupons directly to shoppers at the point-of-sale; Thinaire’s ActiveShopper will help retailers boost redemption while better measuring the impact of brand offers.

Thinaire has been working with its key partners, such as NewsCorp’s News America Marketing, British Telecom, YouTechnology, Smartrac, NXP and others, to ensure broad deployment of industry leading proximity marketing solutions, globally.


Couponomy is revolutionizing loyalty reward programs in the coming years with its innovative approach. This is being done by integrating social media, mobile phones and social sharing into earning loyalty reward points and coupons. This is done in such a manner that friends online can share and accumulate points as a network. In addition to this, the ultimate aim is to create a network of loyal shoppers all of which have a chance to earn redeemable points based on the shopping action of any member of the network.

The points can be redeemed to coupons which in turn will help in saving on shopping expenses. The Couponomy becomes the first concept in loyalty programs that enables customers to earn points instantly. An app designed for smartphones integrates geo-location technology to determine customer behavior regarding where they shop, eat or spend their money.


It is an online coupon giant which did $200 million in sales last year. RetailMeNot is known for its paperless credit card-linked coupons compatible with several nation-wide retailers. One can simply visit the RetailMeNot portal, provide credit card credentials, and select the discounts to be loaded onto the card. Then while paying with that card online or at a brick-and-mortar store, the discount is automatically deducted from transaction amount.

RetailMeNot has digital coupons from 60,000 retailers and brands and contracts with more than 10,000 retailers. RetailMeNot experienced more than 625 million visits to its websites from July 2013 to June 2014. In 2013, RetailMeNot made $3.5 billion in paid retailer sales attributed only to consumer traffic from digital offers in its marketplace. Its mobile apps have been downloaded over 18.5 million times. The company’s portfolio includes:

  •, the largest digital offer marketplace in the United States
  • in Canada
  •, the largest digital offers marketplace in the United Kingdom
  • in Germany
  •, a leading digital offers site in the Netherlands
  • and, leading digital offers sites in France
  •, a leading digital offers site with cash back in France
  •, a leading digital offers site in North America


The SmartSource website enables users to obtain coupons and free product samples from SmartSource and its product partners, to enter contests, sweepstakes and promotions, and to enjoy any other features, content or applications offered from time to time by SmartSource in connection with SmartSource’s business. The website is accessible via the Internet, mobile, applications or other methods.

SmartSource basically offers premier coupon-printing services. Users can access the majority of these printable coupons online through A large selection of other coupon websites also use SmartSource’s coupons. The SmartSource home page features the Coupon Gallery, which contains pages of coupons from different brands. Users can shop by category or by specific brand, and as they select each coupon to print, the savings section at the top of the page will add the number of offers that have been selected and the savings users can enjoy from the coupon.

After downloading the SmartSource Xpress app, users must sign up to be a SmartSource member and register at least one shopper savings card to use the app. They can then tap to clip coupons within the virtual booklet, which will add them to their savings card. Users can save and see all of their coupons, including the specific details, and can also e-mail or print the clipped coupons.

SmartSource Xpress has proved popular for iPhone and iPad users, with almost 2 million coupons digitally clipped in the year since its launch. The company reaches millions of consumers each day through a network of 1,700+ publications, 52,500 retail stores and 300 partner sites, including, and through the popular coupon app SmartSource Xpress for iPhone and iPad.


Catalina coupons are triggered by purchases at checkout, printing in a machine next to the register at the time of receipt generation. They are completely controlled by Catalina marketing. There are two basic kinds of Catalina coupons: cents-off coupons and offer-for-your-next-purchase coupons. Shoppers can also use store and manufacturer coupons on top of the Catalina promotions for deep discounts. Catalina coupons are generally triggered by precoupon amounts or by the number of items purchased.

On the digital front, the company started its online Coupon Network using the portal by collaborating with a number of retailers and brands. The company has taken technological steps in the past couple of years by offering digital coupons via mobile and e-mail and by handling retailers’ coupon sections on its website. Catalina also acquired E-centives, an Internet-coupon company. Catalina’s includes a type of in-store offer called YourBucks, which offers discounts off whatever the shopper buys the next time they shop rather than savings on a single specified item, the way regular coupons do.

Catalina estimates that it distributes over $6.5 billion in coupons to shoppers each year.