Flint Mobile Enables SMBs To Re-Engage Customers With New App Updates

Coupon clipping may be an old monotonous direct marketing strategy from the past, but loyal customers kept these clippings in their wallets because they valued the savings. With that in mind, we shouldn’t be surprised that 70% of Apple Passbook users cite coupons as their #1 use. Flint Mobile, a payment service provider is the first to enable businesses to spark interest and re-engage customers with customized deals via their mobile device.

Enhancements made to the Flint’s mobile app include SMS-delivered receipts and coupons that can be seamlessly imported into Apple Wallet (Passbook if you have the latest iPhone update).

Flint's business users can retain customers by simplifying coupon creation, distribution, storage and redemption for iPhone business users and their customers. Further updates were announced in a press release by Flint Mobile on August 4, 2015.

"We developed Flint to serve the millions of service-based small businesses, freelancers and nonprofit volunteers who need a fast, easy and secure way of getting paid quickly with nothing more than their smartphones. We have since expanded access to our mobile payment processing platform to any mobile app developer looking to integrate payment services into their own apps targeted to that audience," said Greg Goldfarb, Co-Founder and CEO of Flint. "Working closely with Apple will enable us to accelerate our efforts to build easy access to Passbook and eventually Apple Wallet as well as to deliver more features that enable our customers to manage their businesses directly from their iOS devices."

Flint's mobile application uses the iPhone's camera to securely scan credit card numbers instead of swiping them through an external card reader. In addition to getting paid without a "dongle," Flint offers flexible online payments via invoicing, email, the Web or social feeds as well as team management for up to 100 users. The app is free to download, and users can create an account and start accepting payments in minutes. Fees are only 1.95% per debit card transaction and 2.95% per credit card transaction, except during the first 30 days of use when all transactions are free. Payments are generally deposited into the customer's bank account within a day.

Flint extends its capabilities to other app developers with its App2App Connect offering, freeing app providers from having to distribute and support hardware accessories in order to accept credit card payments. Designed for business applications that help SMBs manage clients, forms, jobs, appointments or sales orders from their smartphones, App2App Connect enables developers to embed a "Take Payment" button in their app with minimal coding so that their business users can take advantage of Flint's easy mobile payment processing, instant account activation, low fees and transaction confirmation data.

SMBs compete in a highly competitive space, where the cost per acquisition can oftentimes cost more than the product or service altogether. Flint’s mobile platform offers innovative technology which has been designed for ease-of-use for both SMB and potential customers. The Flint’s mobile app is free and available for Android through Google Play and for iOS through the App Store.

About Flint Mobile, Inc.:

Flint is a mobile payment service that enables people to run their business from the palm of their hand. Designed for businesses that operate outside of traditional retail stores, Flint's iOS and Android apps allow users to easily take credit cards on the spot by scanning instead of swiping, via invoice-based bill payment, or online. Flint’s platform also offers a range of business productivity features, including data syncing with QuickBooks Online, digital coupons, team account workflow, and a merchant portal for advanced account management and analytics across all channels. As a secure payment service provider, Flint also provides instant setup without a merchant account and low transaction fees. Founded in 2011 and based in Redwood City, California, Flint is backed by top-tier Silicon Valley investors and mobile operators. For more information, visit.