Fortumo takes another step in the Payments industry, Partnership with Payelp

One of the companies that has been quite busy in the payments industry over the last year or so is Fortumo. And there is a reason for it. It has the financial muscle backed by VC money. And why investors are interested in their story? Because carrier billing is emerging as a good proposition and Fortumo does well in that segment. One of the growth strategy of the company seen in recent past is to expand in emerging economies like India and Indonesia. Recently, the company had announced the launch of its mobile operator billing in Indonesia. Yesterday (Jan 7th, 2013), the company also announced a partnership with International business and payment platform Payelp GloBal.

Fortumo was launched in 2007, aiming to be the most developer friendly mobile payments provider. Mobi Solutions a specialist in SMS based service provider owned major stake in ...

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