Four Interesting Bets on AI This Quarter

An exciting and rapidly developing world of artificial intelligence is expected to have a significant impact on the humanity. AI has already been successfully applied across industries that previously have been human-heavy. Wealth management, investment management, advising, insurance, the practice of law and other spheres are seeing an active intervention of artificial intelligence and will be transforming in response to the opportunities it offers.

Large tech corporations believe AI is the future and have expressed plans to go heavy on its exploration and implementation. And companies are keeping their promise. In the last couple of months, substantial effort has been put into launching exciting AI-focused projects. Not only tech companies, but banks and range of innovators across industries are getting their hands into AI to harvest the results in the near future.

AI startup launched by former NASA chief Dan Goldin

In the beginning of June, former NASA Chief Dan Goldin launched KnuEdge, a neural technology innovation company that introduced its KNUPATH LambdaFabric processor technology enabling scalability, latency and workload performance in next-generation data centers.

KNUPATH can operate alone or be integrated with other devices, and it is available to both end customers and technology vendors seeking to create data center neural computing capabilities to support advancements in machine learning, IoT and signal processing.

After 10 years of stealth development and rigorous testing, LambdaFabric enters the market as mature technology which enables system designers to meet the most demanding requirements now, and also helps them rethink what is possible with neural computing in the future, commented Dan Goldin, Founder and CEO of KnuEdge, in the official press release.

IBM launches AI-powered online advertising solution

A little earlier in June, IBM also made a move with AI. The Weather Company (an IBM business) announced Watson Ads, an industry-first capability in which consumers will be able to interact with IBM Watson through advertising, by being able to ask questions via voice or text and receive relevant information about the product or offering.

Watson Ads will help marketers achieve those goals, and can also help them uncover consumer and product insights faster than ever before, revealing connections previously invisible to human data scientists. This will be the first consumer use of IBM Watson technology for advertising purposes.

IBM Watson can understand natural language, reason, learn and interact with humans. Leveraging Watson technology, Watson Ads will help marketers outthink their current strategies by harnessing the power of cognition and the learnings.

Domenic Venuto, General Manager of Consumer Products at The Weather Company, commented in the official press release, The dawn of cognitive advertising is truly a watershed moment. Now as part of IBM, we have even more tools and technologies at our disposal to inspire innovations within advertising, artificial intelligence and storytelling. This is a huge opportunity to expose consumers to all of the surprising and delightful experiences that Watson has in store for them – and to make advertising a truly valuable interaction for both our fans and our marketing partners, which is always our goal.

As the first brand marketers signed on for Watson Ads, Campbell Soup Company, Unilever and GSK Consumer Healthcare all plan to participate in the Watson Ads Council.

Google launches Google Springboard, an AI-powered app search tool for enterprise customers

Three days ago, Google announced its new AI-based initiative to power more connected and collaborative enterprise – Google Springboard.

Google Springboard is aimed to help organizations to find the right information that they need at the moment that they need it.

It searches quickly and easily across all of your information in Google Apps including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Contacts and more. Springboard also assists you throughout your workday by proactively providing useful and actionable information and recommendations, Google stated in the announcement on its official website.

Along with the announcement of the solution, Google rolled out an Early Adopter Program. Google took a smart approach of tapping into the pond before jumping in and has been previewing Google Springboard with a small set of Google Apps customers. Now, the company is looking to expand the customer base through the limited Early Adopter Program.

Botler, AI-powered messaging tool for immigrants: launched

Launched in the beginning of June in Canada – by immigrants for immigrants – Botler is an AI-powered messaging tool that allows organizing the clutter of single-thread messaging systems into ‘Rooms’ with particular topics. The messaging platform leverages AI for a higher efficiency and better organization for immigrants to find the information they need faster and easier.

Hyper-organized conversations are reached through separate message threads for each topic called a ‘Room.’ Rooms are aimed to organize conversations based on topics. Each Room has a unique web and mobile URL and can be easily shared on social media. Rooms are also SEO optimized and can be easily discovered on search engines.

The solution allows to upload any file in rooms, mention rooms or members in messages and use a simple markup to give contextual meaning to messages.