France Builds its Innovative Power in Global FinTech Upon the Foundation of Talented Entrepreneurs

While political uncertainties in Britain and the controversial situation in the US with the new administration may not be particularly catalytic for local startup communities, they certainly represent an opportunity for other markets to attract ‘fresh blood’. In that regard, France is one of the countries actively taking steps to bring in the top talent and facilitate the growth of its rich and vibrant FinTech ecosystem. An area of emphasis for the French government is to turn its economy into a magnet for skilled and savvy entrepreneurs that will push the boundaries in high-tech sectors, including financial technology.

The country knows the value of knowledge and has a history of focusing on talent – the foundation of any innovative nation. The approach becomes especially important and fruitful now, in 2017, given an opposite direction of actions from another leading hub – UK – which creates barriers for tec ...

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