FreedomPay offers PCI-certified P2PE Technology through Cloud-based Commerce Platform

In every transaction that is carried out, the main features a customer looks for are simplicity and security. FreedomPay recently announced that it is incorporating PCI-certified point-to-point encryption (P2PE) payment technology into its cloud-based commerce platform. The PCI compliance is the first of its kind for a P2PE-solution provider in North America.

FreedomPay is leveraging certification by the PCI Security Standards Council, key alliances with hardware vendors and secure distribution channels to offer merchants a cost-effective point-of-sale system in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

The system being offered includes several features:

  • Advanced protection against breaches enabled via P2PE.
  • Merchant preparation for EMV-technology adoption.
  • Incubation of current technology standards, including NFC, magnetic stripe and PIN debit.
  • Reduction in compliance burden from 280+ controls to 19.
  • Road map to broader payment and customer-engagement solutions.

The FreedomPay commerce platform is modular and expandable and is designed as a one-stop solution for merchants, thus enabling secure POS transactions. FreedomPay’s portfolio of services would also include mobile payments, incentive programs and robust reporting and analytics. Some large food-service vendors, which already rely on FreedomPay Stored Value, are using the updated commerce platform to gain new security benefits and gain support for NFC, EMV and magnetic stripe.

By offering the P2PE-integrated solutions of the FreedomPay Commerce Platform, with leading POS devices and secure distribution systems, we lock down security and enable merchants relying on POS credit card transactions to gain nearly instantaneous PCI compliance for their POS systems and networks, said Tom Durovsik, CEO of Freedom Pay, in a press release. This saves money by eliminating the need for network scans and segmented networks by sharply reducing the amount of time for vendors to come online securely.

FreedomPay also recently announced a partnership with Ingenico and ScanSource to use the technology offered by these two companies. Ingenico devices have been integrated into the FreedomPay platform to enable the upgraded features. The overall solution is being delivered via ScanSource’s secure distribution channel.

Firms in other regions have made significant strides in providing secure POS transactions. UK-based Handpoint is the world’s first provider of mobile points of sale to have a P2PE application certified by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). The company offers a simple and secure way to accept EMV card payments with a mobile device. Handpoint specializes in payments on smartphones, tablets and handhelds, thereby enabling merchants to accept all card payments (EMV and NFC).

Shift4, a U.S.-based firm, provides a P2PE solution with a high level of flexibility for merchants. Merchants change not only the endpoints (banks/processors) but also the configuration of the starting point to meet their business’ needs. It is a ready-to-use solution with no development required. Shift4 P2PE is essentially plug-and-play. There are three methods available to initiate a Shift4 P2PE transaction: POS with 4Go, POS without 4Go, and mobile.