What Token Investors Foresee for the Future of ICOs

Bulls. Bears. Regulation. Fear. Uncertainty & doubt. All of these are synonymous with traders’ experiences in the markets. All are amplified when applied to the experience in the cryptocurrency market.

With a solid 18 months of exponential growth in the cryptocurrency market, investors looking to tap into the opportunity are always wondering: What’s next? Where’s this taking us?

While no one has the magic formula, the early trends in 2018 suggest that there are changes that early ICO investors may want to be mindful of – allowing one to adjust his or her strategy as necessary. Here are some of the top Q2 2018 adjustments that will influence how investment in ICOs will transpire over the next two quarters:


While regulators have not released or created official guidelines on regulation, the entire industry is inferring the same thing: regulation is coming. One of the trends that savvy ICOs are tapping into is the securitization of their token offerings. Azbit and

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