Daily Review: The Future of Shopping is Here & It Can Read Your Mind

It appears I haven’t fully realized that the future is here until the news on EEG being applied to reinvent shopping popped up. While it's still early – experimental – the approach is nothing short of outstandingly futuristic. More interestingly, it falls perfectly into the paradigm of fading physical experiences in favor of invisible interfaces and processes threading daily activities.

But my picks for today of news that's interesting are not only about the future of shopping knocking on our doors, they are also about the world’s firsts – the first government entity to adopt a DLT technology on a whole new level (a somewhat unexpected one), the first "user interface" layer for blockchain-based tokens creators, and the first AI supercomputer for fully autonomous robotaxis. Let’s have quick look:

The Future of Shopping is Here! eBay launches "the world's first subconscious shopping experience"

eBay teamed up with Saatchi Art to create an experimental shopping experi ...

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