Futuristic Power Suit by M.J Bale, Make Payments with your Sleeve

We live in a time of booming technology, and continuous innovation. I am pretty sure that you read something new invented, discovered or created everyday now - that just blows your mind. Even in the world of payments such things are possible. Australian tailor M.J Bale has partnered with Heritage Bank and VISA to create a new ‘Power Suit’ that has an inbuilt PayWave NFC Tag. Yes you can now make payments with the sleeve of your suit, James Bond Style!

This video gives you an overview of the Power Suit:

  • The Power Suit consists of a contactless chip and antenna in the sleeve. It is made of Superfine Australian Merino Wool.
  • The suit was created by Whybin\TBWA and ElevenPR.
  • Users can make payments by passing their sleeve over a contactless payment terminal wherever they accept Visa PayWave.
  • You can also top up your suit instantly with the help of a linked Heritage Bank account. This can be accessed with the mobile app or online.
  • A dozen prototype Power Suits have been built with one of them set to get auctioned off online by Heritage bank.
  • The proceeds will go to the charity that supports children with Autism Spectrum Disorders - 4 ASD Kids.

Have you ever seen Bono, Obama or Bond pay for anything with a wallet? No. There’s a reason for that. The most powerful men in the world don’t need to carry a wallet, Dave Bowman, executive creative director Whybin\TBWA Group Sydney told Mumbrella. And now, thanks to Heritage Bank and Visa nor does anyone with an M.J.Bale power suit.