Gaming and Bitcoin, Big Fish Games Integrates Coinbase for Payments and In-App Purchases

A couple of months back, I had written an article about beginning to accept payments for in-game items, bonuses, etc., via Bitcoin and how it could be significant in many ways for the virtual currency. The virtual currency has been making waves in the Gaming and Gambling Industries and will continue to do so in my opinion. Now it has come to light that another Giant in the gaming industry – Big Fish – has partnered with coinbase to enable Bitcoin payments for its games, as well as in-app purchases.

Big Fish offers a variety of games for PC, Mac, Online, Iphone as well as Android. Big Fish Casino, Grim Legends and True Fear are some of the top rated ones on their website at the moment. Big Fish has distributed over 2 Bn games to customers in 150 countries which includes more than 400 unique mobile games and 3,000 plus PC games. T ...

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