Germany's FinTech Ecosystem: A Wheel in the European Innovation Machine

If we thought 2015 was a great year for FinTech, 2016 is going to surprise us. As the LTP team has been actively exploring the FinTech ecosystems around the world, we have seen some outstanding examples of the world’s most forward-thinking and prosperous FinTech hubs such as London, Singapore, Silicon Valley, New York, etc. The global FinTech has evolved in a way that the Western world overwhelmingly dominates in the amount of investments made into deploying innovation. However, it doesn’t mean that European or Asian FinTech is far behind.

A quick snap of European FinTech shows that some of the hottest FinTech companies were born in the region and had success conquering other continents.

The continent’s ecosystem with innovative companies in emerging financial services has been a serious competition to the global financial industry giants with some of the most promising startups and FinTech unicorns coming from the region. Well-known and extremely successful FinTech players like Klarna, iZettle, Adyen, Funding Circle, TransferWise and POWA Technologies came from Europe as a proof of a strong standing of the market in the global arena. In fact, according to Bloomberg, TechCrunch and Huffington Post, South East England is actually outpacing California on the number of jobs in the FinTech space along ...

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