Did you get your Coin? Few Lucky Ones finally get the Dynamic Magstripe Card

Coin, the BLE (Bluetooth low energy) connected digital magstripe card, has a successful preorder campaign so far. Last year, in November, it had achieved its $50,000 campaign goal within 40 minutes after it announced the presale campaign. Since then people have been waiting for it to arrive, expecting it to arrive this past summer. It’s now that we witness through some tweets that it has finally arrived but to a lucky few.

As reported by TechCrunch, Coin is finally shipping the product to some early backers after a long wait. Coin had earlier cited that shipping would start this summer for the backers. The recent tweets reveal that shipping has already begun although Coin has not made any public announcement regarding the current shipment revelations. However, it seems that only some of the beta customers are getting the product who had paid $55 for it. For international customers outside U.S., Coin has announced that overseas delivery would begin in ‘Spring 2015’.