Get Discovered and Accept Payments via Punchey, Raised $1.7 Million

Punchey was founded in 2011 and is based in Boston, USA. The management team includes Nathaniel Stevens (CEO), Stephen A. Johnson (CFO), Matt D'Souza (VP of Sales) and Michael Sattler (VP/Engineering). Punchey has received a total funding of $1.7 Million through Stevens Ventures.

Punchey provides an end-to-end payment processing and marketing solution for small and medium-sized merchants. The company says that its solutions enable merchants to get paid wherever, whenever and bring more customers in with Punchey Mobile and Punchey Countertop.

How does it work?

Some features of their platform:

  • Punchey processes all payments using an industry-standard PCI-compliant system.
  • The company says that their credit card processing is extremely safe, with data protection features such as: advanced card authentication, data encryption, as well as host authentication.
  • Punchey Countertop reads and transmits card data in 1-3 seconds, on average. How quickly the transaction information is transferred to Punchey will depend on your personal internet connection according to them.
  • Punchey Mobile offers the option to enable/disable customer signature capture for card payments.
  • Punchey accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Punchey provides you an option to set your own tax rate in the mobile app. If you enable Taxes, the app automatically calculates the total amount.

As for Pricing: