Get Underneath What’s Important with “LTP9”, 9 companies Leading The Way

At Let's Talk Payments, we have addressed the information needs of the entire emerging payments and commerce ecosystem. From investors and incumbents to startups and disruptors, our audience of industry insiders has engaged with us in creating this platform. During this time, many of you reached out to us to get additional insights: an opinion on a specific company; which are the top ones in a certain category; comparing new companies that looked very similar on the surface, etc. The key question has been: Who is leading the way in a specific category? We have addressed this by brining you articles covering many of these exciting companies. But there was a need to take it further and instead of limiting our answers to specific requests, we wanted to establish a framework via which everyone could benefit from our objective assessment of companies by category. So, after more than a year of helping you stay on top of everything, we are expanding our platform to also enable you to get underneath what's important. We present to you, LTP9.

Investors want to know where to look over the horizon, not just what's in sight. The established incumbents are embracing collaboration and external innovation as the new model of growth. The disruptors need an objective benchmark to assess their own strengths and challenges. Especially with the plethora of information and news in our exciting space, it is now more important than ever to distill the signals from the noise. LTP aims to do just that. It’s our biggest effort at synthesizing information where its required the most and in a way that allows for easy application. If you are a bank and you need to choose a vendor for providing certain services, LTP9 could help you get a lowdown on THE 9 out of (say) 60+ companies in the market.

As industry insiders say, if you take out authentication from Payments, all that is left is accounting. This was an important first category to address – the category of Fraud and Authentication. And we looked at it from various angles – be it overall trends, what’s important, etc. in specific company-level detail. We spent a year collecting the critical data and assessing companies followed by months of prep work specifically for LTP9. We are really pleased to announce the world's first segment-wise analysis that showcase 9 leading companies. We looked at a large number of parameters, all consolidated under three main dimensions – Focus, Momentum & Impact. All of them put together define Success for us.

Why did we segment the parameters under these three heads?

Focus – In most of the categories we would be looking at, there will be dozens of players in each category: niche players to very broad players that cover the entire spectrum. We think one critical success factor is to have deep knowledge of the space and that comes from focus. As part of this metric, we looked for passion and focus of each company in solving a certain problem in payments/commerce. We also considered a best-in-class solution if it was of significant relevance to the industry as well.

Momentum – Its great to have great new ideas and talk about innovation. But it’s absolutely important to execute and we think that’s a critical success factor. So we looked at real implementation and launch traction that the company has gained so far.

Impact –This parameter looks at the expected impact on the market as assessed by our research team and our panel of experts. It also looks at the completeness of the solution as we believe that a feature is not a product and a product is not a solution/company. It will also look at how cutting-edge the solution is and how it aligns with forward-looking industry trends.

In the coming weeks and months, LTP9 will cover prominent segments in the payments and connected commerce space such as:

Mobile Wallets, Remittance, Lending, Payment Gateways, POS Terminals, POS Software, P2P Transfers, Digital Couponing, Prepaid & Gift Cards, Proximity Marketing, Payment Processors, Mobile Commerce Vendors, Wearable Payments, Mobile Money, Carrier Billing, Mobile POS, Social Payments, Cloud Enablers, Analytics, Mobile Banking, Loyalty & Rewards, B2B Payments, Fraud & Authentication and others.

Later this month, we are releasing two LTP9 leaderboards in the category of Fraud and Authentication:

  • LTP9 Online Fraud & Authentication (any device, payments done remotely)
  • ​LTP9 ​Proximity Fraud & Authentication (any device​, in-store payments​ at physical location​s)

In the next few weeks, we will be publish a series of LTP9 leaderboards for this quarter. The next update of LTP9 will arrive beginning first week of January. So please continue to Stay Engaged. Stay Informed.