GIACT’s New gMobile Enables Companies to Recognize Good Customers via Mobile User And Device Authentication

The explosive growth in mobile commerce has introduced additional exposure to fraud and risk, both for companies and their customers. To help organizations recognize good customers and safely grow their mobile business, GIACT has introduced gMobileTM, a mobile user and device authentication solution by delivering real-time customer information across mobile, web, and call center platforms. GIACT is debuting gMobile this week at Money20/20.

GIACT has provided real-time payment risk analysis through traditional sales channels for more than ten years and over 1 billion transactions (and counting), said Merlin Bise, co-founder and chief technology officer for GIACT. gMobile extends our payment risk and security expertise to the fastest growing transaction marketplace—mobile—and takes the guesswork out of accepting payments through new channels by tying the customer to the device and order. Our clients are excited about gMobile, as it covers more than 94% of mobile users across all major carriers, verifies customer identity in real time, and drives fact-based decisions, thus enabling companies to safely grow their business while mitigating fraud and payment risk.

Robert McAlear, executive vice president of marketing and product strategy for GIACT, added, The new customer is everything when growing a business, developing a territory or launching a new product or service – organizations cannot afford to turn away a good first-time customer. Our clients know they do not get a second chance to gain a customer’s loyalty and trust, which is why they will choose gMobile and GIACT, a partner that can help them accurately identify a good customer the first time they see them.

GIACT designed gMobile for maximum flexibility and adaptability, supporting a wide range of use cases across many channels including ecommerce, mcommerce, and even call centers. Because gMobile leverages multiple sources to provide full and complete data in all situations and use cases, organizations can now safely and securely take advantage of new growth opportunities. Key gMobile features include:

  • Real time mobile data, status and activity within and across carriers
  • A frictionless experience for good first time customers
  • Easy implementation
  • Payment agnostic; works with any method of payment
  • Stand-alone service that works seamlessly with GIACT’s other payment risk solutions including gVerifyTM and gAuthenticateTM.

As mobile commerce has exploded, companies are spending more and more to prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of their customer interactions, said Bise. Not only can mitigating payment risk be expensive, it can also be difficult to implement and cause frustration on the part of the end customer. gMobile is an elegant, cost-effective solution—available and fully operational today—that satisfies the requirements of both the company and customer in the fast-growing world of mobile commerce and beyond.

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GIACT Systems is a privately held company founded in 2004 by a team of experienced payments, security, and technology experts. The company provides information services that prevent fraud and minimize bad debt when accepting payments. It is the leading real-time and proprietary data provider for payments and risk information, with industry leading solutions for verification, authentication, identification and funds confirmation. GIACT currently serves more than 1,000 customers and has processed over 1 billion transactions. For more information visit or call 1-866-918-2409.