Giraffe Restaurant chain in UK offers NFC Giveaways and Rewards, via TAMOCO

The Tesco owned Giraffe chain of restaurants in the UK is conducting a trial using NFC technology. It is doing it in some of its London restaurants as part of an online advertisment campaign. Apart from payments, NFC (and QR codes) is finding huge traction in marketing solutions that involve NFC tags based rewards and offers coupled with analytics based insights for the retailer/merchant.

Giraffe chain of restaurants, UK was founded in 1998 by Juliette Joffe, Russel Joffe and Andrew Jacobs, 3i investment group and chairman Luke Johnson. 3i invested $13.75 Mn (£10 million) in the company in 2006, in a deal that valued the chain at $33 Mn (£24 million). On 13 March 2013, it was announced that the chain is to be acquired by Tesco for $66.82 Mn (£48.6 million).

How does NFC technology work at their restaurants? Once the customers tap their NFC tag or scan their QR code they can redeem special offers for Christmas such as free chocolate, an ebook or a toy throughout December. The gifts that can be redeemed, are set to change on a daily basis.

The campaign is powered by a proximity marketing company called Tamoco. It is a leading provider of NFC and proximity based marketing solutions, analytics and data, that worked together with Giraffe to implement the campaign.

Maximilian Birner, CEO of TAMOCO said: This is a great example of the many ways in which TAMOCO´s proximity marketing solution can make life simpler and more convenient for everybody. Unlike other technologies that try to help consumers access digital content, our solution allows people to simply tap their smartphone without having to find an app. In this case, giraffe’s compelling daily advent offers are available with a tap or scan of the tent card on the table in front of you.

At TAMOCO we see the rapid growth of NFC phones in the hands of consumers making this the most straightforward way for people to access digital content whether from tables in a restaurant to posters, out of home media or direct mail.

Giraffe co-founder Julliete Jofffe commented that As early adopters of QR code technology and now with our loyalty app reaching its 15,000th member, working with NFC was a natural step forward for us.If this trial at our London sites is a success, we will look to bring NFC into future marketing campaigns going into 2014.