Global FinTech-Focused Accelerator Programs

FinTech investments have grown by more than 200% between 2013-14, and the first half of 2015 also has seen increasing investments into FinTech. The number of accelerator programs has also been increasing with banks being major sponsors for many.

Apart from accelerator programs, there have been innovation labs, incubators and hackathon challenges to understand startups and their solutions. All these events generally have the big established players as their partners.

We have analyzed these programs and built a list of global accelerators that have attracted a large number of FinTech startups. Each of these accelerators provides the startups with a specific time frame, committed membership, development efforts and making the startup concept ready for the market.

Barclays - Barclays Accelerator Program:

The Barclays Accelerator Program is a 13-week program in partnership with Techstars. B ...

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