Global FinTech Funding Reached $36 Bn in 2016 With Payments Companies Securing 40% of Total Funds

The year 2016 will be carved in our memories for many reasons – unexpected political events (Trump, Brexit, to name a few), loss of iconic figures in sport, politics, art and entertainment, significant M&A deals, and much more. More importantly, for us, 2016 will be remembered by the lessons we have learned while attentively following significant events in the financial technology sphere: the launch of a unique and promising UPI by NPCI, the rise of new influencers in the financial services industry, an outstanding transformation of relationships between former rivals both in the insurance and financial services industries and much more.

Altogether, landmark events in FinTech in 2016 led to an outstanding financial traction the industry gained and is expected to accelerate in the years to come. According to the data accumulated by the Financial Technology Partners, an inves ...

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