Global Online Discount Brokerages – Report by MEDICI

Online discount brokerages are rising to popularity because of growth in stock markets across the world. MEDICI has recently launched a report titled ‘Global Online Discount Brokerages.’ This article shares some snippets from the report and provides a gist of the report’s content.

Why Have Online Discount Brokerage Firms Become So Popular?

Brokerages came into existence nearly thousands of years ago. By offering financial instruments to users, brokerages enable users to participate in the market. Increased interest in the market has led to the evolution of brokerage firms. Brokerage firms have now evolved to online trading from do-it-yourself trading in the past when calls were made to place orders. The digitization of brokerage firms was a result of the stock market crash in 1987. In turn, the SEC pushed for electronic trading. During the same time, the SEC allowed discounted brokerage, i.e., the SEC deregulated brokerage fees and allowed market competition to determine brokerage fees. Charles Schwab became one of the first discount brokerages in the world.

A detailed analysis is available in our new ‘Global Online Discount Brokerages’ report. You can access the full report here.

How Are Online Discount Brokerages Spread Across the World?

Based on the criteria, we have identified 99 online discount brokerages across the world. The US and the UK, with 19 and 15 brokerages, respectively, have the largest brokerage FinTech ecosystems globally and are followed by Cyprus. 

Globally, India, Australia, Hong Kong, and the UAE are emerging as centers of innovation in financial technology.

A detailed analysis is available in our new ‘Global Online Discount Brokerages’ report. You can access the full report here.

Business Enablers

The report attempts to cover business enablers on three fronts—market dynamics and demographics, technology enablers, and regulatory measures/deregulations. It takes a look at countries invested in the market as of 2020 and the fees levied on stockbrokers. The report analyzes four major markets—India, the US, the UK, and Australia.

Key Players

We have identified 8 key players across India, the UK, the US, and Australia. We have provided snapshots detailing their services, revenue generation models, and growth numbers.

About the Report

In March 2021, MEDICI published the ‘Global Online Discount Brokerages’ report. The report discusses online discount brokerages across the world and analyzes their evolution and rise to prominence. It covers funding, reasons for the success of brokerages, trends, and market dynamics and includes snapshots of key online brokerages.

Here’s what more you can expect from the ‘Global Online Discount Brokerages’ report by MEDICI:

This 25-page report by MEDICI analyzes the following in detail: