God is a Gamer inspired, movie on Bitcoin

Viacom18, a known movie studio based in India, is looking forward to making a movie on the virtual currency Bitcoin. The studio recently bought film rights for a thriller novel called “God is a Gamer”. The book is based on Bitcoin and has been authored by Ravi Subramanian. The novel mentions events based on real life incidents around Bitcoin world. It includes incidents such as the busting of the drug dealing website called Silkroute, mystery around the founder Satoshi Nakamoto and why Wikileaks started accepting Bitcoins for donation instead of other mediums.

The author is also a banker by profession and believes that Bitcoin could reach critical mass in India in next 5 years. He is also receiving partnership requests from industry players looking forward to using the book to give a boost to the lost interest in Bitcoin. Unicoin, a Bitcoin company based in India, offers Bitcoin wallets and Bitcoin transaction mechanisms. The company if offering $3.33 worth of Bitcoin vouchers to those who purchase the novel.

Another partnership involves Raunaq Vaisoha, a young entrepreneur, who is launching a software based point-of-sale system which would accept Bitcoins along with other modes of payment. He is looking forward to offering the POS terminal for free and would charge less than half a percent in commission for each Bitcoin transaction.

With Bitcoin being the talk of the town, virtual currencies certainly have everybody’s attention. Through all the pitfalls, regulations and debates, the fact remains that Bitcoin has had an 80 fold increase in the year 2013 and fluctuations do remain a constant issue for the currency which went to as high as $1147 on 4th December 2013, and fell to $757 at the end of that month itself. Looking at current values, it was around $407 yesterday.

The development of Bitcoin has given rise to a slew of alternate virtual currencies (more than 140) similar to Bitcoin and a lot of techies, gamers, punters, hedge pundits and professionals are looking at other options as a more viable investment.


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