Going Beyond Pilots & POCs: Blockchain’s Catch 22 (Part 1)

May 20, 2018

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At its peak, Microsoft Windows used to power 90% of the world’s computers. Today, that number is at 11%, yet Windows still powers 83% of the world’s desktops. How can that be? We have many more computers today – smartphones and tablets. The ubiquity of Microsoft on desktops highlights that even with a powerful product that’s deployed at scale; it’s still no match for a complete game changer.

Now the question is: will blockchain prove to be a disruptive technology (in the original meaning of the word) for today’s current financial institutions?

I don’t think so – assuming FIs continue to invest in blockchain pilots and experiments. Real world use-cases for blockchain are plentiful in the enterprise. How many times have we heard that IBM alone is working with 100s of enterp ...

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