Google Intensifies its Commerce Challenge With Upcoming “Purchase on Google” Feature Along With Ads

Google has been making strides to streamline buyer experience and retailer engagement. Google's mobile payment product, Android Pay, offers an easy checkout experience by simply tapping Buy with Android Pay button from your android device, and Google Wallet allows payment in-store and online with your Gmail address. Google Express brings the shopping experience to your doorstep, literally.

"We are currently working with retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area, West Los Angeles, Manhattan, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C. We'll make announcements in our Google Commerce Blog as we expand Google Express to new areas."

Purchase on Google will be an added feature that enables consumers to have the option to buy from an advertisement once they've searched for a product. For retailers, Purchase on Google will make converting browsers into buyers simpler because they are already searching for the item. For the prospective purchaser, customized product data will be integrated into the search, info about the item will be available along with ratings and product availability, and as a result consumers can be more confident in a purchasing decision. Additionally, a mobile voice search feature will assist with product inquiries.

Google has conducted intensive research in the development of these new products. The data generated can help marketers understand their customers and educate retailers as the online advertising landscape changes. By examining data that monitors these trends, consumer purchasing behaviors reveal an insightful map of the path to purchase.

Below is insightful data sourced from Mobile in the Purchase Journey:

We are now living a multi-screen world. With the web at our fingertips, shoppers from Singapore to South Africa are finding and purchasing products in completely new ways.

App vs. Browser: Which one is used the most when researching for a retail product? 68% of smartphone users use a mobile app, while 53% of smartphone users use a mobile browser.

Google already offers a number of resources for retailers to engage with consumers. Retailers looking to make the most of their product marketing plans can leverage consumer data that has been compiled from Google’s database.

Currently, Google offers the following marketing advertising resources for retailers amongst many other products depending on the retailer:

- Merchant Center allows retailers to upload product information as well as access product availability.

- Shopping Campaigns are customized sponsored ads.

- Local Inventory Ads help consumers find items that are available at a local retailer.

- Dynamic Remarketing helps retailers to utilize cross-vertical marketing strategies to connect with past visitors and offer customized ads that are unique to that consumer.

The information superhighway is making it easier to drive customers straight to the checkout line. As Google evolves to meet the needs of consumers to remain competitive, retailers will have to adapt to these search-to-buy purchasing habits.