Great Expectations! Can Apple Deliver? Thanks anyways, Tim Cook :)

Perhaps, there's only 2 types of people in the tech world - those who innovate because of Apple and those who do it despite Apple. And there's the third category - the '4th estate' - media people like us who try to make a living watching and analyzing the action from the peanut gallery. Oh, and let's just ignore the lay consumer for now, who is oblivious to all this 09.09.2014 hype (remember, my next door neighbor knows exactly what NFC is...the football conference!).

At LTP, we take a slightly different view of innovation. We don't pretend to predict the future, nor do we burn precious mindshare in endlessly analyzing the past. We live in the moment, bringing you the most relevant and most meaningful innovations from around the world, curated every day. LTP it ...

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